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Hahaha! what did you do for them to say yes to you and you were able to take their photos? That's fantastic! Nice post! Thanks!


you never failed to amaze me. you must be that charming to get a permission from the director. kidding. glad you did. otherwise, we won't be enjoying this series. caregiving is a noble work. i salute these care givers, especially those who chose to stay and take care of our old ones.


My heart goes out to these women. I have so much admiration for their caregivers.


Love black n white photography! Is there home for lolos as well? just wondering..


Love your portraits!


Nicely documented intimate shots Sidney....good to see that there is somewhere the elderly can be cared for


hmmm, looks like it will be an interesting series again... those lola's must have a lot of stories to tell... :)


I'm a little saddened to learn for the first time that there are homeless elderly people in the Philippines. Good to know they have this place and they look happy.

Ashish Sidapara

Nice to see monochrome images here, the series as always is superb!


Im glad somebody is looking after the homeless Lola´s.
It´s not usual for filipinos to abandon or neglect their older families but i guess time has changed.


One of your best series. :D


What a wonderful institution to have available.
I like the friendly look of these individuals. Fine series.


et tu passes ainsi des frogs au troisieme age....elles font des concours de courses aussi??:-)))

Philippine Updates

Any coup photos, Sidney? :D


a rare excursion into B&W..and nice to see that the elderly have some support at least.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

The women look so happy. Must be a sign that they found much needed love and care inside the institution.


I mean you do walk an extra mile, whenever needed.


I mean you do walk an extra mile, whenevee needed.


It is always nice to visit such places ...
I have always admired and often wondered how you go in so much details at all your topics ... There I see the commitment, taking permission from the board-of-directors !!! WOW!!!!


Je sens que tu vas nous montrer un sujet difficle mais que tu as déjà abordé avec le coeur.


En noir et blanc, tes clichés sont superbes... les gens sont magnifiques. Belle solidarité avec les Anciens.
Promis, je m'arrêterai si je passe par Sorsogon.
Gros bisous, Sidney :0010:


its sad to think that even here in the philippines there are neglected elders, but its quite heartwarming to know too that there are people willing to help and reach out. i'll be following this series as always


This is brilliant black and white, very expressive.


Une judicieuse utilisation du N&B pour ce reportage chez les Dames de la Charité !

dodong flores

The B&W conversion is appropriate to the title (if you know what I mean), Hehehe...

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